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Vampires just have low protein levels. Work in progress fashion photographer.
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Hey Arnold! mastered the art of

diversity without making the PoC into caricatures

The 90s were a good time for POC-inclusiveness on TV.


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i still don’t understand how people blog without adding tags like what’s it like to be that carefree?

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skinny people mad over nicki minaj’s lyrics, please multiply your feelings by 24/7 and then u will perhaps understand a little bit what thick girls may be going thru when your bodies are the ones that are served in stores, represented, desired and glorified……you can cope with 1 song not about u…………….we can do it together. i believe in u 

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did anyone ever find out how teen spirit smells

fun fact for the followers: kurt cobain had a girlfriend whose deodorant he used a lot and one of their friends wrote ‘kurt smells like teen spirit’ and he thought it was some sort of rebellious slogan and it stuck with him

but what it really meant is he smells like chick deodorant


I….I fucking own this. It’s in my bathroom.

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i do not care about highschool or getting involved or making memories i want to pass my classes and get the fuck out

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